Mixed Media Studio



Our Mixed Media Studio is perfect place to embrace your multiplicity. This is the preferred studio for collage artists, visual artists, book makers, or anyone who need to spread out, work with power tools, or get a little messy. This studio has easy access to the outdoor work area which includes large rolling tables, pop-up tent, water, and a well stocked tool room. With special permission we can use the nearby, very rustic, barn for large projects. 

Equipment List:

30x40” Light table

NuArc 26-1k UV Exposure Unit with Vacuum System for prints up to 20"

2ft x 6ft work table with cutting board

UV printing up to 24" wide

Basic tools such as circular saw, reciprocating saw, electric drill and screwdriver, manual hand tools, 10" chop and miter saw, clamps, extensions cords, etc. 

6’x2’ sink  - larger wash area can be constructed outside. 

Light tight drying racks with fan

Open air drying racks

Contact frames up to 16x20”

Multiple paper coating areas

Rolling tables 3' x 8' 

Stove and microwave for heating chemicals, wax, etc.

Food processor, blender, strainer, filter

Electric hand mixer

Mortar and pestle

Equipment for making natural pigment paint

Glass bowls and cookware

Low temperature oven for curing and drying

18x23” Heat Press

Brushes, paper & general supplies such as glass bottle, droppers, etc. available for purchase at wholesale cost.